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دانلود مجموعه کامل Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.0

امتیاز کاربران

ستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره فعالستاره غیر فعال

سلام وخسته نباشید امروز برای شما فایل های  cucm 12 اماده کردم واموزش نصب ان راهم من قرار دادم cucm یکی از مهم ترین نرم افزار voip است که در محیط های حرفه ای استفاده می شود این روز ها گرایش به سیسکو از قبل بیشتر شده است

در یک جمله به مفهوم مجتمع سازی ، یکپارچه سازی و تلفیق انواع سرویس های ارتباطی از قبیل صوت ، تصویر ، دیتا بر روی پلتفروم سخت افزاری نرم افزاری خاص و بهنیه سازی و integrate نمودن  سرویس ها در کنار یکدیگر

فیلم اموزشی نصب cucm

مفهوم Cisco Unified communications چیست ؟ cucm

دانلود Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.0

. Cisco unified communication به مجموع نرم افزار های ارتباطی و سخت افزار های  سیسکو که امکان برقراری انواع ارتباطات Voice – Video – Data را بر روی بستر شبکه های مبتنی بر سیسکو به شکل یکپارچه و هماهنگ و تکمیل کننده یکدیگر اطلاق میشود . منشاء unified communication به سال 1997 بازمیگردد ، زمانی که سیسکو پا به عرصه سرویس Voice بر روی بستر شبکه یا همان Voice over IP – VOIP – ویپ ، گذاشت ، این شروع با انتشار نسخه اول نرم افزار Selsius CallManager آغاز شد .

در طی 18 سال سیسکو به Cisco Unified Communication Manager نسخه 11 که هسته اصلی این تکنولوژی است ، رسید . Cisco Unified communication مشتمل بر 4 پلتفورم اصلی است :

درصورت داشتن پسورد:

لینک های دانلود 

unknown                                                     08-Nov-2017 06:11  320604k       
[CMP]                                                 08-Nov-2017 06:07     148k       
[CMP]                                               08-Nov-2017 06:08   66320k       
unknown PCD_UCOS_12.0.1.10000-7.sgn.iso                                                  08-Nov-2017 06:07 1010288k       
unknown UCSInstall_CUP_12.0.1.10000-12.sgn.iso                                           08-Nov-2017 06:34 2297204k       
unknown UCSInstall_UCOS_12.0.1.10000-10.sgn.iso                                          08-Nov-2017 07:18 3523680k       
unknown ciscocm.APNS_PushFailure_v1.0.k3.cop.sgn                                         08-Nov-2017 07:24  570156k       
unknown ciscocm.CTIManager_v1.12.k3.cop.sgn                                              08-Nov-2017 07:58   26580k       
unknown cmterm-jabber-desktop-eight-Lines.k3.cop.sgn                                     08-Nov-2017 07:25       8k       
unknown cucm_12.0_vmv8_v1.0.ova                                                          08-Nov-2017 07:18     204k       
unknown cucm_im_p_12.0_vmv8_v1.4.ova                                                     08-Nov-2017 07:18     284k       
unknown pcd_vApp_UCOS_12.0.1.10000-7_vmv7_v1.2(1).ova                                    08-Nov-2017 08:17 1419564k

1 – Cisco Unified Communication Manager

2 – Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express

3 – Cisco Unity Connection

4 – Cisco Unified Presence

Cisco Unified Communication Manager به عنوان مادر و هسته اصلی سرویس های مجتمع ارتباطی سیسکو شناخته شده و یک سیستم Enterprise برای کسب کارهای کوچک تا بسیار وسیع ، کاملا حرفه ای ، با پشتیبانی از بیش از 40000 End Point ، بسیار پایدار و شناخته شده ، جهت ارائه انواع سرویس های ارتباطی بر روی بستر شبکه طراحی شده است.

Unified Communications Manager Version 12.0

Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration

Bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device with our integrated collaboration infrastructure for voice and video calling, messaging, and mobility. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) provides reliable, secure, scalable and manageable call control and session management.

Features and Capabilities
Consolidate your communications infrastructure and enable your people and teams to communicate simply with a unified communication solution featuring IP telephony, high definition video, unified messaging, instant messaging and presence, plus much more.

Enhanced mobility
Transform your workspaces. Attract and retain the best talent wherever it may be located and enable your people to be productive wherever they are by giving them the tools to succeed. Unified CM has extensive features to support mobile and remote workers.

Local and global
Regional, family-run business, or global mega-brand? Choose a solution that scales as your organization’s needs change. Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports the needs of small and midsize businesses through to the largest enterprises with up to 80,000 users.

Open and interoperable
With broad support for industry standards, a wide range of gateways, and a broad ecosystem of third-party integrations and solutions plus partners, you can achieve rich collaboration with anyone, anywhere and embed collaboration in your line-of business applications.

Secure and compliant
Support for the latest authentication, encryption, and communication protocols, and compliance with key industry certifications, secures data and communications globally for customers including those in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and governmen

Prime Collaboration Deployment Updates
Description: Prime Collab Deployment (PCD) non-bootable
Release: 12.0(1a)
Release Date: 17/Aug/2017
File Name: PCD_UCOS_12.0.1.10000-7.sgn.iso
Size: 986.61 MB (1034530816 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: a375420cbcd520f6e17c65ed0d34a3ef
SHA512 Checksum: 98a58819b158895fbd01484e6c95d0908c883ce33980d262762740ec1a269214c2ba658eeaad58bda5ec62c48f55a2eb355294fd1521458d29eadfd4d33c55c1

Recovery Software
Release: 12.0(1)
Release Date: 05/Sep/2017
File Name:
Size: 313.12 MB (328333312 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: a6092a6ccb5eba585b625f2fc0fdc786
SHA512 Checksum: 01e799bf674b3d7c359d1924852588d841cb15ed5671af0958643c87eb3af162880b16067cf203b78340b937c4265d6d06f2cee8b74a92be2688a5fdc5a045fc

Unified Communications Manager Utilities
Description: COP file to address “CSCvf96778: CTI based SSO fails when defining CUCM sever as IP address in CCMAdmin//System/Sever” on the 12.0(1) release, aka
Release: COP-Files
Release Date: 05/Oct/2017
File Name: ciscocm.CTIManager_v1.12.k3.cop.sgn
Size: 25.96 MB (27216491 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: bc7dcac94fb94b7e0403e19eafecae21
SHA512 Checksum: 8bd3217e1e8c7697c3d0c40796dab31acd71bdac6f347bb63933579e5a1816a7d6161a6c104b27a87832dff1394b94113b3bbe6f0f3621be338fff25e6a1d2b4

Description: COP file to address CSCvf57440 – No push is sent to devices during rapid link OOS and link ISV between nodes, in CUCM 11.5(1)SU3 and CUCM 12.0(1) base.
Release: COP-Files
Release Date: 31/Aug/2017
File Name: ciscocm.APNS_PushFailure_v1.0.k3.cop.sgn
Size: 556.79 MB (583834668 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: 1a5b2dbf78a8e7bd772445e85f49389c
SHA512 Checksum: 3e4d865f49941230d28b3b8e5d9e6dde240e7d321c830c72bd8d8a4b13d0f2cb07fadb7c69e7f8acf49e62b2c661d552251e6553fa9ea1fa22b798aacc3029b1

Unified Communications Manager Virtual Machine Templates
Description: Virtual Server Template (OVA file) for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), used for creation of a virtual machine (VM) on all supported servers
Release: 12.0(1)
Release Date: 05/Sep/2017
File Name: cucm_12.0_vmv8_v1.0.ova
Size: 0.20 MB (207360 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: 47702e498b18e98a4cb537e3235ddbb0
SHA512 Checksum: e5eee895d106667553c8e0f48b82a6f812b73dae88f2cb7451412f338ec77a00f2f95a3e9e859c7d8ef9bf57febe29de7e5f6c030019a987a1bead267de54e14

Unified Communications Manager/CallManager Locale Installer
Description: Cisco Unified Communications Locale Installer English (United Kingdom) for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.0
Release: 12.0(1.1000)
Release Date: 05/Sep/2017
File Name: cm-locale-en_GB-
Size: 38.35 MB (40213960 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: 1f755347ffc08da33943ddb523f181ca
SHA512 Checksum: d29c601ed5cdb525a1215121a7af4b4015230af5bf72d965ef959d06f45463fee0bf78a7f379b2d8dac63df8c5d6a31b71b06c3b88f5fdbd4232376365812f77

Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service Version 12.0
Description: Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service 12.0(1) OVA
Release: 12.0(1)
Release Date: 01/Sep/2017
File Name: cucm_im_p_12.0_vmv8_v1.4.ova
Size: 0.27 MB (287232 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: c209ba3a8d6dee4f81c47dc2a9ef8f46
SHA512 Checksum: c5dd7ec4969232dc3a4c2a0b9b6d72218a56d9568047979319fb04fc5da4c76b46a08f7e2f5e6fb57943576e61f960d71be73affd32819dd54f0b51626f196d2

Prime Collaboration Deployment Updates-12.0(1a)
Description: Prime Collab Deployment (PCD) non-bootable
Release: 12.0(1a)
Release Date: 17/Aug/2017
File Name: PCD_UCOS_12.0.1.10000-7.sgn.iso
Size: 986.61 MB (1034530816 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: a375420cbcd520f6e17c65ed0d34a3ef
SHA512 Checksum: 98a58819b158895fbd01484e6c95d0908c883ce33980d262762740ec1a269214c2ba658eeaad58bda5ec62c48f55a2eb355294fd1521458d29eadfd4d33c55c1


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