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در این دوره آموزشی با مدرک بین المللی LPIC-1 System Administrator 2020 آشنا شده و در کار با مباحث مرتبط با سیستم های لینوکسی کاملا اشنا خواهید شد

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سرفصل های دوره :


1 Course introduction and information
2 How to take this course
1 Maintain system time
2 chrony and timedatectltor - A Clo
3 System logging
4 rsyslog and systemd-cattor - A Cl
5 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basicst
6 Manage printers and printingtor -
1 Fundamentals of internet protocolsr
2 Basic network configurationtor -
3 More network configurationtor - A
4 Basic network troublshootingtor -
5 ss
6 Configure client side DNStor - A
1 Perform security administration tasks
2 Setup host security
3 systemd.socket
4 Securing data with encryptiontor
5 New encryption
1 What is Linux
2 Linux Distributions
3 How can we run Linux
4 Let's Install VirtualBox in macOS
5 Let's install VirtualBox in Windows
6 Let's install Ubuntu
7 Let's install CentOS
8 Switch to bridged networking in macOS
9 Switch to bridged networking in Windows
10 VirtualBox keyboard fixtor - A Cl
11 Different Versions G
1 Boot the system
2 Determine and configure hardware settings
3 Runlevels and boot targetstor - A
1 Design hard disk layouttor - A Cl
2 Install a boot managertor - A Clo
3 Manage shared librariestor - A Cl
4 Use Debian package managementtor
5 Use RPM and YUM package managementr
6 zypper and dnf
7 Linux as a virtualization guestto
1 Work on the command linetor - A C
2 Quoting, type and whichtor - A Cl
3 Process text streams using filtersr
4 cat and sums
5 Perform basic file managementtor
6 Use streams, pipes and redirectst
7 Create, monitor and kill processesr
8 watch and tmux
9 Modify process execution priorities
10 Search text files using regular expressions - LPIC-1 System
11 Basic vs Extended regular expressions
12 Perform basic file editing operations using vi - LPIC-1 Syst
13 Other common editors
1 Create partitions and filesystems
2 Maintain the integrity of filesystems
3 xfs tools
4 Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems - LPIC-1 Syst
5 Extra filesystem commandstor - A
6 Manage disk quotas G
7 Manage file permissions and ownership
8 Create and change hard and symbolic links
9 Find system files and place files in the correct location -
1 Customize and use the shell environment
2 Customize or write simple scripts
3 Chained commands Gur
4 SQL data management
1 Install and configure X11tor - A
2 Wayland
3 Setup a display managertor - A Cl
4 Remote sessions
5 Accessibility
1 Manage user and group accounts, and related system files - L
2 Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs - LP
3 Further systemd
4 Localization and internationalization

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دارای آموزشهای  دسته بندی شده
مدت زمان آموزش 7 ساعت 
محصول موسسه آموزشی A Cloud Guru

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